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This week we will be writing non-chronological reports about astronauts.


Read the non-chronological report on astronauts. Explain that it is a non-fiction piece of writing that gives us information. Can you find the title, a sub-heading, a photograph and a fact? Highlight some interesting words from the text that you might want to use when you write a non-chronological report. Write some of the words you find interesting onto the words cards.




Use the documents and link below to find out more information about astronauts. When you have found out lots of information, choose your favourite fact and create a poster to tell others about it.



Think about all the information about astronauts gathered yesterday. Today you are going to choose some sub-headings ready for your writing on Thursday and Friday. Here are some sub-headings you can choose from - 

What is an astronaut?

Who was the first astronaut in space?

Famous astronauts

Where do astronauts go?

What do they wear?

What do astronauts do?

Interesting fact


Fill in the planning format below, thinking about what you would include in each section.

Thursday and Friday

Use all the information collected about astronauts and your plan to write a non-chronological report about astronauts. There is a writing template below but you also write this straight onto lined paper.

Once you have written your work edit it. Look at your punctuation and spelling. Can you change any words for more interesting words? Can you extend a sentence using 'and'.