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This week we will be focusing on story writing in school Please remember, the children in school will be doing lots of drama, word sharing and activities linked to language to complete this story. Please only do what feels right for your child. Even a sentence or two a day if you can. There is no pressure to write reams and reams. (Although, if you have an avid writer - please encourage this too)

Monday - Look at the front cover of the story 'The Steadfast Soldier' by Hans Christian Anderson. What do you predict the story is going to be about? Why do you think that? Read through the story. Were you surprised at the ending? What did you think of the story? Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and write a sentence using 'because' to explain why it is your favourite part.

Tuesday - Over the course of the week we will be re-writing the story of the Steadfast soldier. Each day will be the next section and a new focus. If you want, you could make an actual book, design a front cover and add to it each day, you could create this as a powerpoint if you are good with the computer and want to create your story there. Have a look at the picture of the boy receiving the present. Create a wordbank around the picture of the boy - words to describe how he is feeling. The focus today is adjectives. What adjectives could you add to the picture? Now you are going to write the first section of the story in your own words. Remember, today's focus is adjectives. There are some key words to help you on the sheet.

Wednesday - Today we are focusing on the next section of the story. (If you are doing this from home - please work at a pace which works for you) Have a look at the next two sections of the story. Like yesterday, brainstorm some key words around the picture. (You might want to re-read this section of the story from Monday to remind you) Today, see if you can include some adverbials of time. (Next, suddenly, then, a little while later)

Thursday - Have a look through the next section of the story. Continue your story. Check your sentences. Today can you try and start your sentences in different ways?

Friday - Today is the last section of the story. Try and use a range of adjectives, sentence starters and because.