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This week we are going to be writing a set of instruction on how to play a game of your choice.



Read through the good version of How to Play Snakes and Ladders. After you have read this, have a think about what the key features of instructions are. Create an instruction writing check list to refer back to throughout the week (e.g. title, introduction, numbers, use of time conjunctions etc.)



Choose which game you would like your instructions to focus on.

Recap the features of instructions, referring to your checklist and then create a storyboard of your instructions using images and key words/ phrases. Refer back to the good version to support you.


Wednesday & Thursday

Using your storyboard, checklist and the good version, write your set of instructions.



Using a different coloured pen, look through your work and add any improvements. Look out for missing capital letters, full stops and opportunities where you could add more adjectives and adverbs. Once you have done to this, you can write a top copy of your set of instructions or maybe you could actually make your game and challenge someone at home to follow your instructions to play it.