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Today you should start by looking at images of the lungs of non-smokers and smokers. Describe what you can see by taking notes and explain the differences between the two. Why do you think a smoker’s lung looks different to the healthy lung? To answer this question you will need to research the dangers of smoking by using the ppt provided and watching the short video in the link (you may also find information from other sources). Whilst you are researching you should also answer these 4 questions. 

Why is smoking dangerous?

What is passive smoking?

How does smoking affect your heart and lungs?

How does it affect your looks?

 You can make notes about what you learn in whichever form suits you the most. A table, mind map or bullet points. 

Today you will plan your leaflet. Take a look at the stop smoking materials and slogans to see how companies and the NHS try to persuade and encourage people to stop smoking. What are they presenting the reader with? Why are the slogans so catchy? How might they make the reader feel?  Use the planning sheet to jot down some key information in each section for your own leaflet. Include slogans and persuasive language as much as possible whilst still ensuring you leaflet is informative.  
Let's start writing ! Today you will write the Title, Introduction and first two paragraphs. Use the modelled example as a guide to writing your own persuasive leaflet. You should have lots of information and knowledge about smoking and its effects on the body. Use this knowledge combined with the skill of writing in a persuasive manner to create your leaflet. There are lots of resources to help you in the links above, so take a look at them all ! 
Continue to write today ensuring you keep including persuasive features from the checklist. You will be writing the next two paragraphs and conclusion today. If you do not finish it all you can continue tomorrow.  
Use this day to edit and improve your work and ensure you have written to the Year 6 writing standards. Read through your work at least twice checking for sense and identifying anywhere you have met a target and could underline your work. Also try to spot if there is anywhere in your work you could add more sophisticated vocabulary, a fronted adverbial, or more detailed description. Once you are happy with your work, send it to your teacher for them to read. We are looking forward to seeing your leaflets.