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This week we will be reading the story 'Beegu' and looking at the character of Beegu. By the end of the week we will have all written a character description of Beegu.


Read the story Beegu. During the story stop and think about what might happen next. Once you have read the story can you sequence the pictures below. Then draw a picture of your favourite part and write a sentence to explain what is happening.

Beegu - Story Time - Read-a-loud - English Accent

Beegu #Beegubook #picturebooksBeegu read aloud


Re-read the story Beegu. Think about Beegu's feelings throughout the story. Can you see how her ears change depending on how she is feeling? Once you have re-read the story have a go at writing in the speech bubbles. What is she feeling? What has happened to make her feel like that? e.g. I feel sad because no one wants to play with me. I am happy because I found my family.


Think about the character of Beegu. What does she look like? How does she behave? Write words to describe her around her picture.

Thursday and Friday

Using your words from yesterday and the word mat below, write sentences to describe Beegu. Think about both her appearance and her personality. When you write your sentence, remember our 5 writing rules. Use your sounds, use finger spaces, start you sentences with a capital letter, finish your sentences with a full stop, and then read through your sentence. After you have finished your writing, read through it and edit it.