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Monday - This week we are looking at instructions. Have a look at the instructions to make a balloon drum. How are the instructions written? Instructions need to have imperative verbs (bossy words like tap, cut, stretch, pull, sprinkle) to tell the reader what to do. Follow the instructions and have a go at making your own balloon drum (if you do not have the resources, please do not worry about doing this). Can you decorate your drum?

Tuesday - Yesterday we were looking at instructions and you made your own balloon drum. Today we are going to think about ordering instructions. Can you have a go at putting these instructions in order? Read each instruction carefully and see if you can order them. Can you find the bossy words? Can you find any adverbials of time? (first, next, then etc)

Wednesday - Look through the powerpoint which gives you lots of words linked to writing instructions. Work your way through and then create your own set of instructions to making a balloon drum. Remember, your instructions should be neat and include instructions for your readers to follow.

Thursday - Today we are looking at baking in school and talking about the process as we do it. We will think about the language we have used from the week, focussing on the ingredients list and the use of bossy words. Attached is what we will be making in school (obviously nut free) but what you make is completely up to you. Any cooking or baking that you fancy doing as long as you talk through the process as you go. We would love to see your final product via dojo.

Friday - Today you are going to use all of your learning from the week to write a recipe for the product you made yesterday. You can create your own recipe or you can use the template provided. Make your writing nice and clear and order your steps. Try and use the language - first, next etc and also use those bossy verbs - mix, sprinkle, stir (see attached to help)