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Monday - Have a look at the different emotions poster. Think about/discuss what these emotions mean. Are there any you are unsure about? Think back on the year 2020. It was an emotional year with lots of ups and downs. Today we are going to think about some key memories from this year, linked to some of the emotions. Pick 4/6/8 emotions from the emotion poster. Identify a time that you felt that emotion last year (ask an adult to help you remember key events if you are struggling). Create a storyboard showing these key events and label the emotion underneath.

Tuesday - work through the 'because' powerpoint and understand that 'because' links sentences with a cause and effect. Practise finishing the sentences at the end of the powerpoint aurally. Look back at your pictures from the previous day where you looked at different events from 2020. Write a sentence for each picture using because in each sentence. For example: I felt really sad at the beginning because I couldn't see my friends and family. Extension: Can you use a mixture of 'because' and 'when' (one per sentence) eg I felt really happy when I was able to go back to school and see my friends. or I felt really happy because I was able to see my friends again. Don't forget your full stops at the end of your sentence.

Wednesday - Following on from reflecting on last year, today we are going to think about the year 2021. Having thought about all your memories from 2020, we are today going to think about our wishes for this upcoming year. What would we like to see happen this year? Have a look at the idea list and discuss what you wish for the year 2020. Choose 3 wishes and write them in the stars provided. If you don't have a printer, you can do this on a piece of paper and design your own. Think carefully about your sentences, make sure each of them has a capital letter, full stop (or other punctuation). If you can, challenge yourself to extend your sentences using 'when, if or because'

Thursday/Friday - Think about somebody that you have missed or that you haven't seen for a little while. Have a look at the example letter and read through it carefully. Can you see any sentences which have when/if/because? Plan out what you would like to say to say to them. Have a look at some of the prompts as an idea. Think carefully about your handwriting and presentation. If possible, you could send the letter to them.