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Look at and hold a range of metallic materials in your home (e.g. foil, cutlery, tins and springs). 

Choose one or two items to describe in detail, making a word bank of suitable adjectives that describe them. Do any of your words rhyme? Could you use alliteration with some of your words?



Watch the following video:

Write a list of adjectives in one colour and a list of verbs in another colour describing the melting of metal. Adjectives might include liquid, hot and fiery. Verbs might include spitting, steaming and flowing.



Look at the examples of list poems and identify the key features of list poetry. Take a look at the metal word cards, cut them out and have a go at putting the words into different orders, reading them aloud and deciding which order sounds best.


Thursday and Friday

Recap the features of list poetry. Using the adjectives and language features identified throughout the week, write your list poem. You may choose to write more than one!