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This week we are asking you to imagine you are a blood cell travelling through the body and heart carrying out all the important functions that are required of you. By the end of the week you will have written a diary entry detailing your journey but first you must research, collate and plan your work. We can't wait to read all of your work, it can be sent through Class Dojo or the Year 6 email address.  

Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System!

Find out how the heart works and how blood flows through your body! This little red blood cell takes us on a ride through the body. See what happens as we go...

Undertake a 30-minute challenge to find out as much information about blood as you can to answer the questions in your information collecting sheet. You could use the internet (you tube/google/ kiddle), books you have at home or the 'All about blood' power point.  Once complete check the 'Blood Glossary' to see if you have included the vocabulary you will need for your diary entry.  

Watch this short animation about the journey of blood around the human body. Once you have seen the journey in action read the modelled example provided.  Pick out the important events from both the animation and modelled example that you could use in your diary entry and story board your ideas onto the planning sheet. Add key vocabulary, punctuation and clauses and phrases to your story board.

Ensure you are describing what you have seen and what happens during the journey as if you are a red blood cell (1st person). Use scientific vocabulary, adjectives that describe the colour and consistency of blood and interesting verbs and adverbs that describe how blood moves.


The widgit and word mat are to provide extra learning support if needed. 


It is time to start writing ! First make sure you have your plan in front of you so you can refer back to it when writing. Today you are going to write the first two paragraphs. You can use the writing criteria provided to help you think of the key features of Year 6 level writing. If you are working on a yellow sticker use the first mat on the sheet, if you are on a green sticker the second and a blue sticker the third. Use as many of the criteria as you can. 


Remember to start your work with Dear diary and an opening sentence.

Today you will finish your diary entry. Complete the third paragraph and closing sentence using your plan to guide you. If you normally work in a small group with an adult or need a little extra support with ideas and structure use the guided write sheet available. Fill in the blanks after reading the guidance in red. 

Now to edit your work to perfection ! Read through your whole diary entry checking it makes sense, includes punctuation in the correct places, your words are spelt correctly and that you have used first person and the correct tenses throughout your work. Once you are happy your work makes sense, use the writing criteria sheets to see if you can up level your work to include another Year 6 writing feature. 


When you are completely happy with the content of your work, either type it up, or top copy your work in your best handwriting to present to your teacher. We cannot wait to read your first full piece of writing this term.