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Blood Heart


Your new topic this term is all about the heart. This week, we would like you to spend some time finding out about it. 

Watch videos, read books, search the internet - anything you can get your hands onto to find out about how it works.

We would then like you to present this somehow. Can you create a powerpoint presentation? Could you make a large poster or an information leaflet?


Send photos or the files you have made into or on Dojos. We will give Dojos and prizes for effort!


Monday - Watch these videos (or find out about the heart however you like!) and make notes. Remember: notes are not full sentences! Write down the most important words or phrases so you can write in your own words later.

The Human Body: The Heart | Educational Videos For Kids

Operation Ouch - The Heart | Amazing Body Facts for Kids

Tuesday - Write down these key words and find out their meanings/what they do. Write down any other key vocabulary you think is important to know about the heart, as well as their definitions or functions.

Wednesday and Thursday - make your presentation/leaflet/poster etc. Ensure you think about what information is important to include, where to put it, and write it in your own words. You need to be able to explain what you are talking about if someone asks you a question about it. Decorate with pictures and labels and fun facts.


Friday - Now it's time to present what you have learned to someone. Can you find 5 minutes with a parent or carer? Or a sibling? Or video call a family member or friend? Can you video yourself and send it to our Year 6 email?

Make sure you speak clearly and confidently, and show your pictures too. 


On Monday Miss Suckling will hopefully be able to present to us about the heart - did you know she used to be a nurse?

Please send in on Dojos or by email any questions you would like her to answer about her time working in the hospital. She even saved someone's life doing CPR once!


Email us at with your presentations and questions.