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This week we are writing a newspaper all about VE day. Use the information powerpoint to learn about VE day or complete your own research online.


Read the good example of a newspaper report and highlight all the key features of the newspaper using the newspaper structure sheet.


Next use or create your own planning sheet to jot down the key notes for each section of the newspaper. Check you have included the key names dates and events, ensuring they are punctuated correctly.

Use the modelled example and your own plan to create the headline, by line and lead paragraph for your newspaper report. Include all the information needed for these features using the newspaper structure sheet as a guide.


Once you complete this, you can start your first paragraph (the body section). Make sure you include Who is involved in VE day, What has happened, Where it is happening and When. 

Today is the day to write the 'Extension orientation' section of your newspaper. Use the guide to help you. It is adding extra information to the main body of the text and providing further details about the news story. You can look bad at the VE day powerpoint or example version to help you with further ideas. 
It is time to write the 'Sources' part of our newspaper report. Use the punctuating speech powerpoint from GPS,'' remind yourself of the rules for adding speech to text. Use the 'Quotes' section from you plan and turn this into a sources report that details who is commenting on the event and what they are saying. Can you vary your reporting clauses rather than just 'said'. 

Let's edit ! Work through the Year 6 writing criteria to ensure you have met all the targets. Edit in a different colour pen if you spot any mistakes and correct them for you top copy.


Use the newspaper template to create the best version of your work.