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This week we are creating a persuasive leaflet suitable for purpose during the war encouraging families to own and use a shelter.


Look at the wartime posters, reading the slogans and propaganda messages.

Find out the meaning of the word propaganda and consider why it was used during the War. What is the purpose?


Then read the Anderson shelter facts sheet and watch this video from the 1940's advertising them.


Use the planning sheet provided to answer the questions and create your own slogans you could use for your leaflet. 

You should use persuasive language and features such as alliteration, the power of three and repetition.

Today is the day to create your leaflet.


Use your planning sheet ideas to create each section of the leaflet, turning your ideas into full sentences and ensuring it is persuasive. 


If you received this leaflet would you want an Anderson shelter?

Lets plan ! Today we are using the skills learnt from the Anderson shelter leaflet to create a leaflet encouraging people to Make do and Mend. 


Research the idea behind 'Make do and Mend' during WW2 why was this encouraged. 


Use the facts you have found and the information sheet to fill out your plan - don't forget to use persuasive language.

Using the information from your plan create a persuasive leaflet using the template provided.

Free choice !


Conduct some research on WW2 propaganda and choose another topic to create a persuasive leaflet.


Many slogans and propaganda posters were produced by the government during the war to encourage people to be safe and support the war effort. 

Here are a few you may want to research:


Dig for Victory.

Careless talk costs lives.

The use of gas masks.

Lookout at Blackout.