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Look at good version of diary entry of Anne hiding in annexe.


How does she feel?  What does she miss? What might she be doing?


Story board your ideas including punctuation to use


Look at vocabulary and phrases you could use.


Start to write your own version. Include as many of the year 6 writing features as your can.








Look at the the good example . Have you missed anything you could include today?

Continue with diary entry from yesterday.


Look at second example diary entry. Anne and her family have been found and captured.


How does she feel?  What happened? What might happen next


Look at vocabulary and phrases you could use.


Story board your ideas including punctuation to use.


Start writing your diary entry. 

Have an opening section of action and then tomorrow you could add a more thoughtful section wondering what will happen next.

Complete the second diary entry. 


Use the year 6 writing target grid to ensure you are including all the necessary features of year 6 writing.

Today is the day to ensure your work is the best it can be. Use a different coloured pen to edit and improve your work or ask an adult to check and help with you. You can use the year 6 target grids to help ensure you have included all the features. 


Challenge - Look up some historical language that may have been used during the war. Can you add a phrase or sentence to your work that includes historical words.