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This week we are creating two pieces of writing: a setting description and a character profile.


The focus for this writing is Anne Frank's life. 

First find as much information as you can about Anne Frank and her family, consider the following questions:

Why did they go into hiding?

Where did they hide?

Who did they hide with?

Why is Anne and her family so famous?


Then create a timeline of Anne Frank's life using the link provided. Create a timeline just using the information about Anne, however it is interesting to read the whole timeline for context. 

Today we are writing a setting description of the secret annexe Anne and her family lived in for 761 days.


Use the link provided to take a tour of the annexe.

Once you have had a look around, use the annexe picture sheet to compile a list of adjectives and descriptive phrases to describe each room.  


Once complete read through the example setting description required. If you feel confident enough, start writing. If not create a plan for your work sequence which rooms you move through when on the tour. 



Either start or continue writing your setting description, ensure you have included adjectives, fronted adverbials telling the reader how you move through the rooms. 

Today we are writing a character profile about Anne. Read through the example character profile provided and use the powerpoints to list descriptive language for Anne. 


Start writing a your own character profile for Anne. 

Finish writing your character profile if you have not finished already.


Once complete, use the Year 6 writing targets to check you have met the criteria for your level of sticker. Can you add anything to your work to improve either piece. 

Once you have edited both pieces of work, choose a piece of work to top copy that can be assessed against the writing criteria.