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This week we are learning about Georges Marvellous Medicine. This week we are writing letters as George Kranky convincing the witches council that his Grandma is a witch and asking them to take her away.

Monday - Read through the letters from George Kranky and also their response from the witches council. Find all the features of a letter (address, to/from, information, spacing) label one of the letters

Tuesday - Read the guidance on how to spot a witch and watch the video clip. Make a poster explaining how to identify a witch.

Wednesday - Compare a normal grandma to the grandma in the story. Write a list of things you would expect from a normal grandma - eg she gives good cuddles. Write a list of the grandmas characteristics from the story - She doesn't like cuddles, she is mean etc. Try and join your sentences with the conjunction 'but.' Normal grandmas give good cuddles but my grandma doesn't cuddle anyone.

Thursday - Use similes to write sentences about the grandma in the story (as George Kranky). My grandma has eyes as cold as ice. My grandma is a blind as a bat. Find the similies in the example letter.

Friday - Write a letter as George Kranky to the Witches council, incorporating all of your learning from the week convincing the witches council to take Grandma away.