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This half term a lot of our work will link to the story of George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This week we will be writing our own potions like George does. 

Monday -

Watch the song about alliteration. Have a think about what alliteration is. Look through the alliteration powerpoint and find examples of alliteration. Come up with your own ingredients for your own potion. eg slimy, slippery slugs.


Tuesday - Decide what your potion is going to be for. Have a read through the example potion for ideas. Have a look at how the potion has been written. Complete the recipe sheet. 


Wednesday - Can you make your potion? What can you use to make it? 


Thursday - Write a set of instructions for your potion. Try and use adverbials of time (first, next, then, finally) as well as bossy verbs (mix, stir, pour)


Friday - Write your potion up in your best handwriting, colour in the bottle and add any additional warnings etc.