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Using your knowledge of August from our book 'Wonder' , what information might August include in a social media profile? 

Name? Pets? Hobbies? 

Next read the example profile - is there anything you have missed? 

Split a piece of paper into 3 to plan your paragraphs. Don't forget the punctuation box to remind yourself to use sophisticated punctuation when you can.


Tuesday - Write

Use your plan to start writing your social media profile - a widgit of key words has been provided to help you spell some of the words you might need.
Use the Year 6 writing criteria as a guide to help you edit your work. Have you included all the features of Year 6 writing that you can in this piece of work. Use a different coloured pen to make changes to your work. Add more to your work with the same pen if you have missed something important like a Year5/6 spelling.

Thursday - Top Copy

Now have a go at completing your own social media profile. How would you want to present yoursself? 
Now you have edited your work you should have all the information you need to input it into a social media format. Have a go at selecting the right information in each box.