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Monday - What is a rhyme? Which words can you think of that rhyme? Try these words: sun, house, ball, chair

Look at this link:

Play the different rhyme games. 

Complete the rhyming words sheets. How many words can you think of? 


Tuesday - Look at the Nursery Rhyme - Row Row Row Your Boat. 

Watch and learn the nursery rhyme.

Which words rhyme? Can you change any of the words to create a new rhyme? eg Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently down the river, If you see a polar bear, Don't forget to shiver. 

Can you think of any of your own? 

Have a look at the different versions here:


Wednesday - Remind the children of the work they did the previous day on Row Row Row Your Boat. 

Today you are going to use the same structure to write your own nursery rhyme. First brainstorm different methods of transport: Car, plane, ship, train. 

How do you use that method of transport: eg drive, drive, drive your car.

Think about where it is going and how they are moving? eg quickly down the street. 

Think of a word that rhymes with this word. 


Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car

Quickly down the street

If you see a zebra crossing 

Don't forget to eat. 


(The rhyme can be nonsense as long as two of the words rhyme)


Play with different rhyming words and ideas. Write up your rhyme and decorate your work. (Don't forget to send them to us so we can see them).



Play the rhyming shark game. Can you think of a rhyming sentence to match the first sentence? 

Look at the different examples. 

Think of your own animals. Can you write rhyming sentences about them?

Create your own rhymes for one animal or a whole selection of animals. 



(A sailor went to sea)

Listen to the song. Can you learn it? Can you add actions to it? 

Choose: Either re-write a verse of the poem in your best handwriting and decorate

Make up your own verse using your learning about rhyme from this week. 

eg a sailor went to shore, shore, shore, his legs were very sore, sore sore etc