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Monday - Read the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' Who are the main characters? Can you tell the story in order? Can you use any adverbials of time? (first, next, then, after, etc) Create a storyboard to retell the key events in the story.

Tuesday - Read through the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch again. What different foods did they try? Design your own basket of food for the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Think carefully about how you are going to keep those pesky seagulls away. Write a paragraph explaining what is in the lunch using adjectives. Explain your plan to stop the seagulls getting the food.

Wednesday - Look through the story again. Look at the character of Hamish the Cat. What is he like in the story? What do you think he likes to do? What does he not like doing? Write a diary entry in the role of the cat - include: what you usually like doing in the day (napping on the Mrs bed), how you felt when you got put in the basket and sent to the lighthouse. Include Dear Diary at the beginning and write in the first person (I)

Thursday - Read through the letter from the lighthouse keeper. Research and look at different pictures of Lighthouses. What could your lighthouse look like? Think of a range of adjectives to describe your new lighthouse. Draw a picture of the lighthouse and label using adjectives. Think about the colour, shape, materials, any extra features. Write sentences about your new lighthouse. Can you use conjunctions to join your sentences?

Friday - Look back at your lighthouse design from yesterday. If you have the art materials - can you make your lighthouse? If not, can you write a letter back to the lighthouse keeper explaining your new design? Don't' forget to include the features of a letter: Address, who it is to, who it is from, adjectives, full sentences.