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Monday - Read again through the story of Jake's first Day. (If you have access, download the ebook from twinkl: for school use can then be shared on the screen). What happened in the story? How was Jake feeling? Have you ever felt like this? What are the main events in the story? Create a storymap to show the main events in the story. Can you add adverbials of time to your storymap? (first, next, then, after, eventually, finally)

Tuesday - In the story of Jake's first Day, there is a treasure map showing where the treasure is. Have a look at his treasure map and talk about what you can see on it. What sort of things might you see on a treasure map? How do you know where the treasure is? Together, come up with ideas as to what objects you might see on your map: eg trees, beach animals, hidden coves, the sea. Design your own treasure map either using the template below or on your own. Label all the different areas on your treasure map. Challenge: Can you add a compass at the top to show the direction?

Wednesday: Watch the clip explaining what a preposition is. Which words can you think of that are prepositions? Make a list of all the prepositions you can think of. Look at the map from Jakes story. Can you use prepositions to explain where different objects are on the map? eg the treasure is next to the trees. Write sentences about your own map created yesterday to describe where different objects are on your map. Use as many prepositions as you can.

Thursday - Setting Descriptions. What do we mean by setting description? A setting description describes where you are thinking about what you can see, hear, smell and feel. Have a look at the setting description from Jake's First Day. Discuss what you can see on the boat. What do you think you would be able to hear? Can you use the key words on the sheet to write a setting description for on the boat? Remember those capital letters and full stops. Challenge: Can you use a range of prepositions?

Friday - Look back at the work from the week. Today you are going to imagine that you are a child in Jake's class. How are you feeling? Do you like your teacher? What sort of things did you do? Did you make any friends? Are you looking forward to going back? You are going to write to explain how your day was. You could choose to write in a diary, a letter to a friend or relative or to one of your new friends in the class. Recap on writing a sentence. What sort of information do you want to include? Read through your work to check it makes sense and you have included all of the detail.