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Monday - Read through the document 'All About Pirates' Enjoy the activities with an adult/peer. Activity: Find out what your pirate name is using the pirate name generator. Draw a picture of yourself as this pirate. Label him using adjectives. Can you write three sentences about your pirate using conjunctions (because, but, and). Don't forget those capital letters and full stops.

Tuesday - Look through the powerpoint again and remind yourself of the different pirates. What have you learned about the different pirates? Choose one of the pirates and make a Wanted poster for them. Think carefully about what they look like, what they might have been doing, where they might have last been seen, is there a reward for finding them? Don't forget to use lots of adjectives.

Wednesday - Remind yourself on what a sentence is. (Must have a subject and a verb) Complete the pirate sentence unscramble sheet. Think carefully about the order of the words. Practise that handwriting. Once you have completed the sheet have a look at the pirate wordmat. Can you write a sentence for each of the words? Can you use more than one word in a sentence? Can you use the words to write a short story? Draw a picture to go with your sentences/story.

Thursday - We are well and truly getting a feel for our new topic now. Today it is your turn to put the last few days together and write a story using the story writing sheet. Have some fun using the different ideas to write your own story about a pirate. Think carefully about making sure your sentences link. Can you use some good adjectives? Are you able to include a question in your writing?

Friday - To get properly in to pirate mode, you will need a pirate hat. The learning comes in the reading. Read this simple set of instructions and follow them carefully to create your own pirate hat. You are then free to design and decorate this however you like. We would love to see pictures.

GPS - Don't forget those important Year 2 common exception words. Work your way through a page each day. Here is a booklet you can download with some activities in to make sure you are practicing and spelling correctly the common exception words. How else could you practise them? You could make a wordsearch which includes them for your friends or family, you could draw a picture and hide the words in the picture for someone else to find.