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Monday - Read through the powerpoint together. Discuss what you have learned and compare the differences between fruits and vegetables

Tuesday - Watch the story of The Little Red Hen (You can use this version or if you have your own version, you can read that


Listen to the story:

Answer these questions:
What did the Little Red Hen want?

What did her friends do?

Think of 3 words to describe the Little Red Hen

Think of 3 words to describe her friends. 

How did the story end?

Wednesday and Thursday


Re-watch the story of the Little Red Hen. 


Make your own story of the Little Red Hen:


Don't forget to include:


Sentences (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops)



Read your finished story to somebody else in your house


Creative Friday:


Use junk modelling to create The Little Red Hen

Make a loaf of bread (If you have the right ingredients)

Design a new character for the story

Make a puppet show to retell the story and record it.