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Monday: Look at the picture of a fantasy garden. Write down as many nouns (person, place or thing) as you can that you can see. 

Watch the video to remind yourself what an adjective is:

Can you now think of some really good adjectives to describe your nouns?




Prepositions. Talk about what a preposition is: (a word which tells you where something is - words like - on, in, under, above, inbetween etc.

Look around your house and take it in turns to use a preposition to describe where something is. eg The plate is ON the table. If you are feeling creative make a dice with each number being a preposition. Take it in turns to roll it and then use that word to describe the position of something in your house. 

Create a preposition poster of as many preposiitons as you can think of. 



Look at prepositions from yesterdays learning. Look back at the fantasty garden from Monday.

Can you write sentences to describe the positioning of objects in the garden? 

Bonus points for including adjectives.

The white rabbits are ON the rock NEXT TO the beautiful pond.




Draw a picture of your own fantasy garden. Include as much detail as you can. Make a list of adjectives and nouns to describe your picture. 



Using all of the learning from this week, write a setting description of your newly designed garden. 

Imagine you are describing it to somebody from another planet who doesn't know what a garden is. 

Try to use adjectives and prepositions. 

Don't forget those capital letters and full stops. 


Please do send me pictures on dojo of your garden creations and any writing to go with it.