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For this week's Literacy, we are writing a diary entry as a Victorian child working in a workhouse. 


You should be thinking about writing in first person while using your five senses to describe key details and feelings. 


The features of a diary entry can be found below on a document along with the modelled example and a powerpoint summarising the Victorian workhouses.


A rough guide for the week could be:


Read the modelled example and highlight key information and vocabulary. 

Look up any words you do not know or understand with a dictionary (online or paper-based)

Create storyboard (break up modelled example into its paragraph and draw a basic picture highlighting key facts within that paragraph, adding key vocab and punctuation from that paragraph). 



Break up each paragraph into bullet pointed notes so that you have a deeper understanding of the information you want to include. 

Use various resources to build on this vocabulary - can you find any suitable synonyms for words the modelled example has used?


Wednesday and Thursday

Start writing your own version using your storyboard and plan - try not to look at the modelled example. 



Carefully read over and edit what you have written so far, up-levelling and improving in a different colour if possible. 

Finish writing your diary entry.