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Activity 2

Welcome to your second superb activity for Safer Internet Day!


Click the links above to explore the absolutely brilliant BBC app ‘OwnIt’, a super cool piece of technology that boasts ‘whatever you need – help and advice, skills, inspiration - we've got it covered’.


Who has OwnIt downloaded? Would you download it if not? Why? Why not? Think about possible arguments for and against, although we think you will agree that there are definitely more arguments for the app!

Look at the website above which has advice on multiple scenarios you may face, or have already faced, when online.


Think about the questions:

Have you experienced situations like this before?

Were there any consequences to your choices and actions?

Do you wish they had access to this information before?

Just think - if you had already installed this app and used it for advice, you may have had a much more positive experience!


Now... your final activity of the day is to design/record/present an advert for the app!

If you would like us to, we will send on your work to the BBC (with parents’ permission).


Enjoy! :)