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Year 6 News


Year 6 News



There will be lots of opportunity for clubs this half term. There is a £5 registration fee for each club for the half term. Look out for the club sign up sheets at the beginning of each half term or see Mr Cornell or Miss Suckling if there is a club you would like to join.


There will also be a variety of free lunchtime clubs to attend if you would like to get involved.



Choir - Miss Sewell



Netball - Mrs Brough



Gardening - Mrs Bacon

Book Club - Miss Suckling (lunchtime club)



Homework club - Mrs Shields



Grils Football - Mrs Brough

Animal Art - Miss England


Educational Visits

We are hoping to arrange a trip or visitor to coincide with each of our topics this year and help to add context to the topics we are learning about.


This half term we are hoping to organise for the Education group to come into school to deliver a code breaking workshop:


"We’ve intercepted enemy radio signals and sent them to Bletchley Park, home of our country's codebreakers.

These messages have been coded using German Enigma machines and need to be deciphered and sent to our military command as soon as possible.

It’s now your job to sign the Official Secrets Act and go to work in one of the huts at Bletchley Park. Learn how the brilliant minds tasked with codebreaking during World War Two helped us to victory and gave birth to modern computing. Can you crack the Enigma Code?"                                                       Image result for codebreaking workshop